About the ADGI

Art Directors and Production Designers based in Ireland established the Art Directors Guild of Ireland in March 2017 with the aim of promoting the interests, good working practice, training and development of art department workers in tandem with the overall aim of promoting excellence in Film & Television Art Direction and Design in the interests of all those engaged in the industry in this country. Production Designers and Art Directors are responsible for the designing, planning, scheduling, budgeting, crewing, drafting and monitoring of all aspects of the art department including, but not limited to: set design, set decoration, action props, graphics, vehicles, animals, sculpting, model making, and VFX set extensions.


The skillset, dedication and quality of workmanship of our Film & Television Crews here in Ireland are excellent. We believe that together we have built the foundations for a sustainable Industry which has the possibility of prospering into the future notwithstanding the inherently fragile nature of the business. The ADGI are committed to the raising of our standards and ensuring that everything possible is done to facilitate the longevity of the Industry and the safeguarding of its reputation.

If want to get involved and contribute drop us a line.